TheLibrary in its first iteration was presented as a temporary space celebrating the tranquility of photobook from 8—30 April 2017, at tête Schönhauser Allee 161A in Berlin.
The project was conceptualized and initiated by Richard Rocholl and executed in collaboration with Kamilla Gylfadóttir, Alina Topf, and Edden Wallace.

TheLibrary invited visual artists to share a curated collection of their favorite photobooks with the community. This first edition of TheLibrary has been featuring the favorite books from the private collectons of Clara Bahlsen, Joachim Bartsch, Nadja Bournonville, April Gertler, Hannah Goldstein, Fred Hüning, Richard Rocholl and Joachim Schmid.
TheLibrary has been hosting a number of events like discussions, artist talks and presentations of photobooks.

In addition to the programmed events photographers from around the world were invited to show their work. The final selection at TheLibrary included the following artists and photo books:

Katherine Akey

Jocelyn Allen
Reality of Youth Going Backwards in Vain

Tawan Arun
the long way toward south

José Bacelar

Vivian Bax
Enforced Encounters

Lemia Monet Bodden and Nick Carbonaro
Respond & Rebuild: A Rockaway Portrait

Stéphanie Bonn
Je vous salue Marie

Stanislav Bříza
Hitchhike US

Stephan Bögel
Scenic Utah

Giorgio Caione
She Dreamt about a Valley in the Caucasus

Cédric Calandraud
Viral Lie

Camille Carbonaro
Mouni Mouni

J’ai arraché mon premier cheveu blanc

Damien Daufresne & Marie Sordat

Sarah Diekmann
Ordnung der Dinge – für Dich für Morgen
Warten Auf dem Standesamt
Die Trennung meiner Eltern

Anna Eckold
Pearl Divers

Teresa Eng
Speaking of scars

Self Portrait

Patricia Escriche

Jonas Feige
Nacht auf der Sonne

Rinske Former
“It’s beautiful when it flies”

Ayala Gazit
You Don’t Say
Was it a Dream

Lena Gudd

Brittney Hollinger

Hervé Humbert
Natalie, 2007

Peter Jaunig
Japan is veiled

Zeynep Kayan

Stefan Klein

Christoph Kohlmann

Dagmar Kolatschny
en generale

Ellen Korth

Brigit Krause
cups and balls

Svitlana Levchenko

Lisa McCarty

Nikola Mihov
Hello and welcome to Paris

Wataru Murakami
Himi City

Aleksey Myakishev

Hilde Pank
things + kings

Piotr Pietrus

Prophit Art Zine

Christian Reister
Alle Katzen Grau

Felipe Russo

Lukasz Rusznica
The most important I do not tell you at all  

Images (2) Courtesy of Ayala Gazit